Management & Board Of Directors

Management & Board Of Directors


(Chairman & Managing Director)

More than 57 years of experience in Administration and Construction of Complex and Massive Civil Engineering Works. Started his career as Class 'A' Contractor and floated a Company in the Name & Style of M/s T.R. Gupta Contractors Ltd in 1980. Later on, this Company was, re-named as M/s TRG Industries Pvt. Ltd. A Dynamic Leader, a Perfect Visionary and a True Administrator. He continues to be a guiding source to all Directors and Technical Staff.


(Director, B.E. CIVIL & M.B.A.)

Over 31 years of experience in Civil Engineering Construction Works. He has handled with utmost precision some of the Major Construction Projects. A good Administrator and a dedicated qualified Engineer.

The affairs of the Company, as a whole, are managed by the Board of Directors which meets as often as necessary in accordance with statutory provisions. Elsewhere in this profile an Organizational Chart is available, which indicates the set up of the Company at all levels.